Monday, October 20, 2014


 I designed a 2-cent coin. It looks pretty because it  has a heart on it. It represents peace, hope, nature, and love. I did it because I love nature and peace.
         There were a few steps involved to design the coin. First I did a rough draft. Then I drew on a piece of cardboard. Finally I put glue on top of my cardboard and let it dry then I put tin foil on it and rubbed it. 

         I wish that it were areal coin. The most interesting part of this project was just having an opportunity to do it.


I designed a 32 cent coin. Even though the C sign has the C facing forward in my coin it’s facing backwards because it’s a coin from Pluto. The smiley face represents peace and equality. The leaf represents nature and love for wild plants and animals. Here is another reason why I chose the design: I like to see happy faces all around me. I also chose Pluto to be where my coin comes from because I want Pluto to be considered a planet. I wish there was life there. 

There were a few steps involved to make my coin. First I made a sketch of what I wanted my coinc to look like. Then I drew the design on cardboard. After that I put flue over the design. (Don’t do writing or very detailed things with glue.) Then cover your coin in tin foil. (You can crumple and smash it in the back.) After the tin foil, take a tissue and rub gently. For the writing on the coin, use an unsharpened pencil and make pretty designs. Finally the coin is ready!

I wish that someday (anytime) there will be life on Pluto and this could be their coin. (Unless we don’t use coins anymore). The most fun and interesting part of this project was seeing all the hard work pay off and writing this.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Update from Ms. Luria

Update from Ms. Luria

Dear Families,

Weekly Volunteer times still available

  • Wednesday between 10 - 11 to either help with a reading group or do writing/reading conferences with students

This week's focus:

*We learned about coding and discussed if students should learn to code at school. 
*We finished all of our small group book clubs! 
*We reflected on what we learned during our IB unit on Dollars and Cents. 

*Students either wrote a first person letter from the point of view of a panda bear or wrote four facts they learned about panda bears.
*We brainstormed a realistic fiction piece and started writing that story. 

*We practiced measuring centimeters. 
*We practice counting by fours. 
*We learned about expanded notation and how to model expanded notation with drawings and numbers. 
*If you child cannot do 100 subtraction facts in 5 minutes, please make sure they are practicing every night on a worksheet or online at The online site is better because it targets math facts your child has yet to memorize. 

Social Studies and Science-
*We designed our own coin, and created it in an art project in class. 
*We created a food chain in the classroom and discussed what happens when one part of the food chain is impacted. 

Important note: Please wear gym clothes on Fridays.

Have a wonderful weekend!


I went to the Special Olympics on Saturday. I ran on the track. I past my noodle to another runner. I got a ribbon. I felt scared some of the time and then I felt happy when I won!


Cleaning Pennies Part 2

Today at science we did two experiments.  Our first experiment was on the force of friction.  Our second experiment was called Part 2.

First we did an experiment on dirty pennies that were in a stack.  We hit the bottom pennies with a butter knife.  The penny went flying off.  Then we made a bigger tower.  The first time we hit it, it fell down because it doesn’t have that much friction.  But when the tower is smaller, it has much more friction.

Next we cleaned the dirty pennies.  We cleaned the pennies with coffee and vinegar.  We put one cup of coffee in one jar with pennies in it.  In a different cup we put pennies in vinegar.  Then we closed the jar.  Now we have to wait 3 days.  I can’t wait see them.


In science we did two experiments.  Our first experiment was on the force of friction.  Our second experiment was called pennies part two.  First we did an experiment on hitting pennies.  The pennies went out of the stack sometimes.  It also fell down sometimes.  It was hard.  I liked it.

Second we did the dirty penny experiment.  We did coffee and vinegar to clean them.  I think the coffee will work.  I wonder what both of them ware like together?  I wonder which will work?


There were five military men and everyone else was a zombie. It was scary for them, but then they grabbed their weapons and went out the kill the zombies.  One of them slid under a zombie and cut its head off with an axe. It was still alive. He took a bomb out of his pocket and “boom!” five thousand zombies died. He ran back their base to get army tanks. Then they loaded their missiles. Then went out prepared to fight. Then one of them said, “Wait, I have to get the dogs and jets, and military suits and guns and gas masks!” They put them on.