Friday, December 19, 2014

Homework and update

Dear Families,

I hope you have a wonderful New Year! Here is a link to the optional homework packet for winter break: Winter Break Packet

We had a busy week! Here are a few highlights of the week:

Science Rotations - ask your child about the five rotations they did in science this week! We learned all about life cycles.

Reader's Theater - we put on a play about how different cultures celebrate the new year and other holidays that are celebrated this time of the year. Ask your child about their role in the play. What is something that they learned?

Music - We sang a variety of songs and enjoyed a new year round.

Please enjoy your break. I look forward to seeing everyone in 2015!


Thank you and Happy New Year

Dear Families,

Thank you so much for your generous gifts. Both Ms. Eure and I are thrilled to have your students in our midst. They are wonderful, enthusiastic and a joy to be with every day. Thanks for your wonderful support. It makes our job easier.

Happy New Year!

Sacha Luria and Deane Erue

Friday, December 12, 2014

Update from Ms. Luria

Dear Families,

Homework Link: Homework 12/19/2014
Spelling list 18: List 18

Please remember:

This Wednesday is a late open day - school starts 2 hours late!
Friday is the last day of school before winter break.
Friday we will have our December birthday celebrations around 2:15 pm.

It has been an excited two week. Last Friday we had our presentations for our IB project on adaptations that help living things survive. Students shared their dioramas and creative ideas for a new species and how it would adapt to survive in a specific environment.

Students are reading books in their literature circles. Some of the books students are reading include Bunnicula, Tuck Everlasting, Chocolate Touch and Art. Ask your child about what they are reading. Students are summarizing their readings, finding the meanings of unknown words and enjoying their literature circles. We hope to finish our books by this coming Friday!

We learned all about sugar this week. Students read a Time For Kid article about sugar, and did many experiments on sugar in the classroom. I encourage you to track how much sugar you eat for a week with your family. Ask your child how to find the amount of sugar in a package by looking at the nutrition labels!

We continue to work with the concept of multiplication. Some students are working on what multiplication means. Other students are working on multiplying numbers by multiples of ten (30, 40, 70 etc.). We are working on writing multiplication story problems and solving one and two step problems involving multiplication and another operation.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


The Princess

The Princess went out to her garden and said to herself with glee, "It is time that I go to the bakery." She found a taxi and said, "No need to be paid. I will pay you with the money from my maid." She got some donuts and a cake and left some for the driver. She knew the king would be mad, so she asked the driver for something to disguise her. The Princess.


My sisters, Sunset Shimmer and Winter Break

When I was almost born, my two sisters were already born. Their names were Sunset Shimmer and Winter Break. My favorite sister was Sunset Shimmer because she had red and yellow hair, but Winter Break had light and dark blue hair. I didn't like it. But I love both of them like how I love my family and friends. When I was born they hugged me.

The End


Dear Ms. Luria,

I know a place educational and fun. I think our class should go to the Humane Society for our field trip. We should do it because it's very cheap, fairly close to school and would be a fun trip.

I think we should go to the Humane Society because it's very fun. It's a fun place to look at pets. We can look at different animals. We can learn fun facts about animals. I think we should go to the Humane Society because it's one fun choice.

I think we should go to the Humane Society because it costs nothing, but we'll talk about that later. Anyway, it's fairly close to school. When I said it costs nothing, it does cost something for the bus driver, but that's nothing. It is pretty close to school. I think it's a cheap and close choice.

I think we should go to the Humane Society for our trip. It's very cheap. It's also fairly close to school, and a very fun trip. The Humane Society is a very fun and educational trip.