Friday, April 24, 2015

Homework for the week

Here is the HW for the week: Homework

5/6 - First day of our Artist in Residency program! (Thank for supporting Run for the Arts!)

Dear Families,

This week as part of IB we finished our unit on Bridges. Students, during this unit, have built bridges, done scientific experiments with bridges, read all about the history of bridges in Portland and much more. We will be doing a walking tour of some Portland Bridges later in late May.

We continued working on the writing portion of SBAC this week. Next up will be the math portion of the test and the math work sample! Students are doing really well, staying focused and working hard on the tests. 
Our Inquiry and questions about bridges! 

Our next unit is all about Where We Are In Time and Place. We are learning all about Portland! Students have many questions that will be guiding our inquiry into our city and how our city connects to the world! 

In math we are studying the relationship with area and perimeter. Ask your child can the area of a shape stay the same, but the perimeter change? What types of jobs use this information? Ask your child what they did with the pink square to prove that the perimeter could change with the same area! We also continue to study the different types of shapes. Your child should know the definitions of all of these shapes. Please ask them to show you your flash cards and quiz them on the shapes! 


For Earth Day the students created a classroom display on ways of helping the Earth. Come and check out our bulletin board! -

Our Earth Day display

Have a wonderful and restful weekend,

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Homework Due 4/9

Here is a link to the HW due on 4/9.

Important Dates

4/7 - Walking field trip to Whole Foods as part of our IB unit on food and culture. We are leaving at 10 am and back at 11 am for lunch at school. You are welcome to come and walk with us. (There are no additional forms needed for walking field trips.)
Week of 4/13 - We build model bridges in class of Portland bridges - we will need volunteers, glue guns and many craft sticks for the project!
4/16 - Ms. Luria out in AM subbing for administration
4/17 - 4/22 - Ms. Luria at IB training in Ohio

5/6 - First day of our Artist in Residency program! (Thank for supporting Run for the Arts!)

Dear Families,

This week as part of IB we are learning all about arch bridges. We read about different arch bridges in Portland, conducted a scientific experiment on bridges. Ask your child about what their hypothesis and question was for the science experiment. What did they learn about the sides of bridges and how that changes the strength of bridges?

We started the SBAC test this week. Students are being pulled in small groups to work on the test for about 45 minutes at a time. Everyone is working really hard and doing their best.

In reading we finished our novel The Magic Finger. Students worked on writing a response to the novel citing evidence and using quotations in their answer!

Have a wonderful and restful weekend,

Friday, March 20, 2015

Update from Ms. Luriua

NO homework this week

Important Dates

3/23 - Spring break
3/30 - Turn in Run for the Arts forms
3/31 - Last day to turn in forms to receive a prize

5/6 - First day of our Artist in Residency program! (Thank for supporting Run for the Arts!)

Dear Families,

Happy Spring Break! It has been a very exciting week. As part of our IB unit on bridges, we read about different bridges in Portland. Students studied the Burnside bridge, and learned some geography related to Burnside street.

Then, we did a bridge testing challenge! Students were challenged to come up with the strongest bridge possible using one piece of paper. At first, many students were able to come up with bridges that would hold 20-30 pennies (rules - no glue, to attaching, but you can rip it, fold it, etc.).

Then . . . after some experimentation, students designed a bridge with one piece of paper that could hold 180 pennies! We have some future engineers in our classroom. That is a record that has not been beat in any of my classes.

We continue writing narratives and learning to use Google Drive. Please check out some of the writing on the blog. Students would love comments on their writing. If nothing else, please try to comment on your own children's writing. They love reading their comments in class and knowing that people are reading their writing!

You will notice that some students have more stories published on the blog. This has to do with how quickly students are able to write, revise, edit, type and then submit a final product! I am proud of everyone for their hard work. 

Have a wonderful Spring Break,


The police officers ate breakfast. Officer James ate toast with jelly on it. Officer Bob ate a pancake with syrup on it. Officer Ann poured milk into her cereal bowl. All of a sudden officer Bob hit the jug of juice with his elbow. The juice went all over officer Ann!!!!!!!!!!!! Officer Ann stood up and got in her car. She went home and got new clothes. Then she drove back to work and finished her breakfast.


The police officers ate breakfast. Officer James spread jam on his toast. Officer Bob cut his pancakes. Officer Ann poured milk in her cereal. All of  sudden officer Ann spilled milk on her clothes. Officer Ann went  home and change her clothes.


The officers ate breakfast. Officer James spread the jelly on his toast. Officer Bob cut his pancakes with syrup on it. Officer Ann poured  milk into her cereal. All of a sudden officer Ann spilled the milk on herself. So she ran to the bathroom and cleaned herself. Then when she came back officer James spilled the jelly on his new uniform. Officer Ann and officer James went home to put on something else. When they came back they were all cleaned up.