Thursday, April 24, 2014


I'm an expert at drawing aliens. I show this by drawing funny aliens. I also love drawing things from a different universe. I like to add a lot of details too!

            I like to draw funny things because I like it too. It makes me feel happy to draw funny things. Sometimes I have a vision in my head of what it will look like. I like to draw funny things because it puts a smile on my face.

            I like to draw things from the universe because I get to draw aliens. I love to draw alien space ships too. I like drawing aliens because I can make them look funny. I like adding detail because it makes it looks cooler. I like detail because it is interesting. I have fun with detail because it is fun.

            I'm so glad I can draw aliens. I can make very cool drawings of aliens. I love drawing aliens so much.


"Clash of clans"
            Clash of clans is a strategy game, you can go in the shop to get new stuff. My favorite defense is the X-bow. It is a big crossbow, you can upgrade stuff to make them better.

            As I said you can upgrade stuff to make them better. If you upgrade your town hall you can buy more stuff. Things look better when you upgrade them. Walls zap lightning at level 11! Everything looks cool when you upgrade.

            You can upgrade barracks to get better troops. Troops you can use to attack people. You can upgrade troops in a laboratory to make them better. I really love attacking people.

            Gems you can get for completing achievements. Also from removing obstacles. You can use them for speeding things up. I like speeding up builders. Gems are good to have.

            Clash of Clans is a true game. A ton of people play it. It is a very popular game. I am  good at it. That is why I am an expert on Clash of Clans.


Hello my name is Zaidee and my expert speech is about ferrets. The reason is I've wanted a ferret a long time. I first found out about ferrets from my mom. Her old co-worker's friend has a ferret named Clementine. Here are a few things I've learned about ferrets.

            Ferrets are really memo, right? I guess it's true. Well it depends some ferrets tend to be fierce. Most ferrets can be trained. Adopting a ferret when it is young it there is a better chance that it will be nice. Then again, some ferrets are downright mean.

            What do they like to eat? Ferrets are carnivores which means they primarily eat meat. I mean, have you seen their teeth? Their ancestors ate small prey. High grade cat food and pre-killed mice are a good diet for a ferret. Ferrets very rarely eat plants.

            What do they look like? Well there are 4 basic colors. The sable, albino, dark-eyed white and silver. Albinos have white fur and pink eyes. The color sometimes has to do with the pattern. That is one fact that makes them very unique.

            I think I am an expert on ferrets because I know a lot about them. I know more than anyone else I know. One important fact about owning ferrets is they require a lot of responsibility and care. They are also very sneaky and require a lot of space. Oops I almost forgot they reek!

Jack L

I am an expert on basketball. The position I play is point guard. Our team is "The Cougars." I'm going to talk about basketball. It is played all around the world. It is an Olympic sport. The U.S. has won the gold many times. The teams are made up of the best in the country. Some of them are Kevin Durant and Lebron James.

            Some of the best players ever are Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. Michael Jordan played for the Bulls. Larry Bird played for the Celtics. Michael Jordan created about 5,000 different kinds of dunks. Larry Bird was a forward I'm pretty sure.

            My favorite team is the Trail Blazers. Their three best players are probably Damian Lillard, Lamurcus Aldridge and Robin Lopez. My favorite player is Damian Lillard makes a lot of three pointers.

            Basketball is a fun team sport. It's also one of my favorite games to play and watch. It's easy to play cause there's not much equipment. All you need is a ball and a hoop. It's really easy just dribble, dribble, dribble shoot.


"Navy Seals"
            I am an expert on Navy Seals. I recommend if you want to know a lot about Navy Seals. Either watch "Men of Honor" or "Captain Philles," I've seen both. Now I'm going to talk about the training.

            They usually will do pushups, diving, gunning or rafting. In the diving they are timed to go and put their gear on and get it checked. They have to tread in water for five minutes with 75 pounds with no hands. They have to take off their gear at the bottom of the pool and take a breath with the tank and swim back up.

            The also go in rafts and paddle and go over the waves if they do good they get a break. They usually fall in the icy cold water. If they train for 6 months after a few weeks they have hell week, is nonstop 24/7. They get exhausted every time. They pay by doing pushups. The Navy drops the Navy Seals when they do battles.

            They usually use M16A3 to kill enemies. The Navy Seals shot at small targets in the day and big ones in the night. I like Navy Seals because it's odd that someone would write about it.


"Harry Potter"
            Today I am going to talk about Harry Porter. Harry Potter is a series of 7 books by J.K Rolling. The Harry Potter books are about a boy who goes to a school for learning magic. At this school he goes on adventures with his friends, learns and does magic and a lot more. There are movies, YouTube videos, computer games, and Lego sets based off of Harry Potter. I hope that everyone reads this series.

            There are many people in Harry Potter, but there are three main characters. Harry Potter: He's full of himself and has a lot of luck. Hermione Granger: She's brave, loyal and good at magic, but always has her nose in a book. Ron Weasley: He's a brother out of six boys and one girl. Ron has a temper to match his red hair. Together they are great friends.

            My favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and Sorcerer's Stone. This is the first book in the series. In this book Harry Potter meets new people, leans magic, and encounters danger. This is the book were Harry becomes a full wizard. It's my favorite book in the series because it starts off the series with good information.

            Since this book is about magic, it should have spells, right? Different spells do different things. For example, Alohamora unlocks things. Expelliarmus disarms someone in other words sends your opponent's wand flying away from them. Spells are one of the most important things in these books.

            I think Harry Potter is a great series. It's all you want in a book. Friendship, magic, fun, jokes, and adventure. There are 7 books in the series each one better than the first. These books are also very funny. I hope that everyone gets a chance to read these books.

Jack T

I'm an expert on Zelda Twilight Princess. For those of you who don't know what Zelda is, it's a video game. It's really an action adventure puzzle. The goal of the game is to save Hyrule Land. Eventually you have temples you save to beat.

            You character is named Link. The little village you grow up in has houses and a pond. The main weapon you use is a sword. Some weapons you get are claw shot, bow, arrows and bombs. The way you get most weapons is by defeating bosses of temples you solve. Zelda always keeps your mind thinking on a puzzle.

            The first Zelda was created in 1986. Zelda was the first game that you could save your progress on. There are at least 17 Zelda games. The brand that made Zelda is Nintendo. Zelda is one of the top rated video game series in the world.

            The temples you have to beat are: Forest temple, Goron mines, Lakebed temple and Arbiters grounds. Those are the first four temples, there are nine in all. Each temple has its own theme. For example the Lakebed temple has the theme of water. It makes sense that it's a water temple because it's at the bottom of a lake.

            At the moment they are creating a new Zelda. They say it's going to have a lot more space to explore. They say it might be multiplayer. It's going to be a mix in between different already created Zelda's. My goal is to save up enough money to buy will and play the new Zelda!