Friday, February 27, 2015

Update from Ms. Luria and HW

Homework: Due 3/6

Important Dates

3/2 Run for the Arts pledge sheets go home
3/6 at 2:30 January, February and March birthday parties
3/11 - PTA meeting
3/17 - Run for the Arts
3/18 - Late start
3/23 - Spring break

Dear Families,

We had a fantastic week at school. Students learned all about bridges and even got to break their own pasta bridges. If you scroll down you can see some pictures of the bridges that students built and then broke.

Students also performed their speeches. They did a wonderful job writing and then publicly speaking about the history of a food. Over the next few weeks I'll be posting some of their speeches on the blog. 

In math we continue to work with fractions. Students are making so many gains in their understanding of fractions. We are working on putting fractions on number lines and finding fractions that are greater than one. If it has been a while since you have done this . . . here is a video I recommend that you watch about fractions:

Finally, we started to practice how to use the computer interface for the state test. It is part of students homework to practice with the state test online so they are comfortable with the website. Please make sure that you are going online with your child to look at the test and help your child get comfortable with the test. If you are opting out of the test, please let the school know ASAP. 

Here is a link to both the tests and the answer keys to the practice tests:

Have a wonderful weekend,

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bridge Building and Bridge Breaking

We had such an exciting day! Students learned all about compression and tension, and then they got to try their hand at designing and bridge structure. Next, they built the bridges out of pasta and in the end, they tested their bridges.

Thank you to all of the volunteers that made this possible. We could not have done it without your support, hot glue gun expertise and general help!

Here are some pictures as well as the results:

Diamond Crown - Most reinforcement
Larkington Bridge - Lightest bridge
Copper Bridge - Best Cantilever Truss
Lincoln Memorial - Cleanest design
AWA - Best Truss
Wood 18th - Most efficient bridge (strongest)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Breaking Bridges

We are going to be breaking bridges on Thursday! All three classrooms still need volunteers to make this work! Here is a video (upside down) of a sample bridge break. To volunteer, you help students with glue guns create the bridges and then get to watch the actual breaking of the bridges. We need help this Thursday from 12 - 3!

Thank you.




Practice test for state testing

Here is the link for the practice tests for the state test: Practice test

Friday, February 20, 2015

Update from Ms. Luria

Homework: Due 2/27

Important Dates

2/24- Tuesday -10 - 11 AM presentation about building bridges (parents are welcome to attend)
2/26 - Thursday - Pasta bridge building challenge - glue guns needed
2/27 - Friday at 2:30 February and January Birthday parties

Dear Families,

We had an exciting week in school. This week we had two Oregon Battle of the Books battles. Our students did very well in all of their battles! Next week we will have three more battles. Some of the times have yet to be determined, but we know that: 
  • Team Luria will be battling on Friday at 2 pm. 
  • Blooming Pearls will be battling at 2:30 on Friday. 
  • Moonstones will be battling on Wednesday 2 pm.
This coming week we also will be starting our IB unit on How the World Works! We will be studying all about Bridges! We encourage you to come to one of the most exciting events in this unit - the Pasta Bridge Challenge. Students will have one hour to create a bridge out of pasta and then they will be load tested and broken on Thursday afternoon. Please feel free to come and watch around 2:30 on Thursday, or help out from noon till 3pm. We still need 3 adult volunteers for this activity to work! Please email me to let me know if you can come or write me a note.

Speeches will be held next week as well. Your child has been researching a food and will give a 2-4 minute speech on Monday, Wednesday or Friday on their chosen food. This is the culminating activity for our IB unit on food and culture around the world.

Monday at 8:30 speeches - Valynn, Tyonna, Davis, Yanci, Ayla, Wallace, Kaimen, Sadie, Heaven
Wednesday at 8:30 speeches - Eleanor, Adah, Wren, Preston, Patrick, Bibi, Sarah, Eliza, Jesus
Friday at 9:30 speeches - Calub, Emmy, Weston, Curtis, Ian, Johnny, Sophia and Sha'Day

Have a wonderful weekend,

Friday, February 13, 2015

Update from Ms. Luria and Homework

Homework Link: Due 2/20

2/16 - Monday - No School
2/18 - Wednesday - Late Start
2/19 - Thursday - Scholastic orders due
2/24- Tuesday -9:30 - 10:30 AM presentation about building bridges (parents are welcome to attend)
2/26 - Thursday - Pasta bridge building challenge - glue guns needed
2/27 - Friday at 2:30 February and January Birthday parties

Dear Families,

We had a very busy week. This Friday the students worked on the art project for the auction. They are making a quilt and making blocks with different fruits and vegetables on the squares.

Here are some pictures - sorry they are sideways!

In reading we read all about the solar system and learned more about how to synthesis information from text and illustrations.

In math we continue our work on fractions. We are starting to work with fractions that are greater than one whole.

Thank you for a fantastic week!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Mr Wingate had a bad day. He worked at BSA (butterfly study association) and was trying to catch a rare butterfly with his net.He had followed the butterfly into a bush.But then he saw a bear cub. The cub screamed. His mother was coming.Mr. Wingate ran.

He kept running until he hit a tree. The mother bear was right behind him.He scrambled up the tree. He grabbed his net but the bear got it first. Bill Wingate screamed louder than a train. The cub howled. The mother bear went back to her kid.Mr. Wingate jumped out of the tree.

He ran and ran and ran.He turned around to see if the bar was coming. She wasn’t. But then -OW- he crashed into a beehive! More bears came. Next thing he knew, he was at BSA headquarters. He sped through the door. He was finally safe.