Friday, May 22, 2015

Update and Pictures

Important Dates

Monday 25th - No School
Tuesday 26th - State Math testing
Wednesday 27th - Ramona Play - be in the classroom at 8:15 am
Thursday 28th - Math testing
Friday 29th - Math testing and Ms. Luria and Ms. Bennett exchange classrooms (I'm taking them on the walking tour)

Thursday June 4th - Ms. Luria subs for Administration all day
Tuesday June 9th - Field Day in the PM
Wednesday June 10th - First Grade Buddy field trip to the park in PM
Thursday June 11th - Last day of school

Friday June 12th - Boxing Hours and Lunch from 10 - 12 noon (Help Ms. Luria pack and move classrooms for next year) and then have pizza lunch (location TBD). Students are welcome as long as there is an adult with them!

Dear Families,

Thank you for a fantastic Bridges Tour this week. We learned so much about bridges and had a wonderful time walking all over. I couldn't have done it without your support and all of the volunteers that came along on the walk. Thank you!

We are making cuttings of some violets in the classroom. They spent a long time rooting in water. Students then learned about different diseases that affect African Violets. Now, they are all potted up and we are observing their growth.

In gardening class, we harvested our radishes. Students also continue to observe their pea plants and update their science journal every week with their plants growth. This is a great opportunity to practice making predictions, measuring in centimeters, and learning more about the life cycle of plants

We continue to watch our Praying Mantis. Hopefully they will hatch before the end of the school year! 

As an art connection to our IB unit on bridges, students made prints of different bridges. They are all hanging up in the classroom, but should come home soon. Students learned about the different between an original and a print. First they created an original, which was copied, and then students made a print. This is an important art concept - the different between an original and a print! 

Students finished their timelines of Portland History. They are all scrolls that are rolled around a pencil. Some students have some finishing touches to do at home! Students learned about the history of our city from before it was Portland through the present! 

Thank you for coming to Global Experience night. We enjoyed sharing our musical instruments with you! It was a wonderful night and students were excited to have you attend! In preparation for the night we also learned about Guatemala, made Guatemala flags and watched the video Living On One Dollar.

Students also learned more about micro-finance and I helped students make three loans through Ask your child about who we lent money to and what they are going to be doing with the money! (It was my money that was lent FYI).

Have a wonderful 3 day weekend!


Monday, May 18, 2015

Bridge Tour and homework due 5/22

Homework due 5/22

Dear Families,

We are all very excited for our bridge tour that will be happening on Tuesday. Here is some information from the tour organizer:

I will begin the tour with a discussion of Portland's history as it relates to bridges. We will plan to walk over the Broadway Bridge, and then stop at Union Station for a snack and rest room break. We will continue, walking over the Union Station Pedestrian Bridge to McCormick Pier and then we will discuss the Steel Bridge, before walking over the lower level.

We will plan to have lunch on the Eastbank Esplanade, and then we'll travel along the Esplansade to OMSI for a rest room break. From there, we will be able to see the Tilikum Crossing, Ross Island and Marquam Bridges. We will return to the west side via the Hawthorne Bridge. I will then lead the students to Bus 17. They will see "Portlandia" before heading back.
It should be a fun and informative day.

As a reminder, please arrive at 8:15 am so we can get to Bus 17 and leave by 8:25!


Thursday, May 14, 2015


Chester went for a hike in the woods. He smiled. Everything was so peaceful and the sunlight streamed through the branches of the birch trees.just felt like running but his backpack quickly stopped him from that.his back hadn't matches and magnifying glass how old rope plus a pack of gum drops. Chester is overloaded with utensils anything would happen. Chester's father had took care of that.
"you have to be prepared my lad" patting Chester's shoulder have to be prepared."

Chester shook his head and focused on the trail ahead. Well there wasn't a trail. There was a log bridge crossing the streams that was too large to jump. Chester took a deep breath and stared hard at the bridge. Chester wasn't afraid of the bridge for you to watch plenty of movies where bridges fall and people die.  He didn't want that happening to him. God! he told himself. I am 15 and I'm scared of walking across a bridge. Chester took a deep breath and started across the bridge. Snap!!! The bridge Snapped  and Chester plunged into the water. Chester did a powerful backstroke to avoid getting hit by falling logs. He climbed to the other side of the shore and said,"that water is cold I am freezing!"

He said his backpack by a tree and started collecting logs of wood. He started arranging them in a fire worthy pile. "I think I can start a fire" he said as he opened a box of matches. He scraped and match across the box and a small flame burst to life.he set the logs on  fire with the match. He got a magnifying glass and set it in a position where the sun shone into it. "This will make the fire bigger" said Chester.

When he was done with making the fire bigger he tied a rope above the fire suspended by to tree trunks. He took off his clothes and hanged them on the rope above the fire. "that will dry them" he said. He quickly put the towel on him to cover up himself so nobody would see him. Chester smiled. His father was right! You do have to be prepared when you go hiking!


One day, Josh went for a hike. He was going camping for seven days. Josh went camping a lot. There was a rickety old wooden bridge that he had to cross to get into the campground. Josh was always prepared for emergencies. He had a rope, a towel, matches, and a magnifying glass to study insects wings. He saw the rickety bridge in the distance.

When Josh got to the bridge, he paused. It didn't look as sturdy as it used to be. But Josh started crossing anyways. When he was about in the middle, the bridge collapsed. Just fell into the stream. He got soaked.

Josh said, "That water is cold. I am freezing."

Josh had to dry off his clothes. He started collecting twigs and dried leaves to start a fire.

After Josh gathered the branches, he took out his magnifying glass and rope. He tied the rope to two different trees and hung his wet clothes there. He started a fire by aiming the sunlight through the magnifying glass and straight at the twigs and dried leaves. They started to catch on fire. In the end, Josh ended up going home because he had forgotten his tent.


Stewart was driving to the store to buy a cake for his grandma’s birthday party. He was going to get a chocolate cake with strawberry frosting. He could see the store ahead.

He walked into the store. “I would like a chocolate cake with strawberry frosting,” he said. The store clerk handed him the cake. As Stewart  walked out of the store, he was tempted to eat it.

Stewart was back in the car. He placed the cake on top of his head as he drove away. (He wasn’t very smart.) Stewart opened the window for some fresh air. A family of elk emerged from the bushes. Stewart reached for his camera. The cake slipped, it fell. It tumbled out of the window.

“Oh nooo,” yelled Stewart. He swerved towards the cake. The cake rolled in the water. Stewart followed. He landed in the water with a loud splash.

“I’m having a very bad day,” thought Stewart “Please, someone come and help me!” he yelled to the trees. He yelled and yelled and yelled. Soon he discovered yelling was useless and quit. Somehow he got ahold of his phone. He tried to turn it on. If he was frowning before, he was really frowning now. The only thing that happened when he pushed the power button was a random wire poking out from the bottom.
“My phone broke!” he wailed. Finally coming to his senses,
 he was paddling his car towards the road with the broken window. Suddenly a strong current sent him floating back into the middle of the Columbia river. Just then Stewart had a great idea. In fact, it was the best idea he ever had. Unless you count the time he used an actual bike-pump to put air in his flat tire. He usually just put his mouth on it and blew. But that is another story. Anyways, his idea involved fireworks,lots and lots of fireworks. He just happened to have some with him. He arranged them in a way that clearly said HELP.

A forest ranger was sure to see it. Stewart carefully took out his only match and flicked it against the match box. A small orange flame appeared. Very, very carefully he lit the blue fireworks. They exploded in the air with a loud BOOM!!!
About fifteen minutes later, Stewart saw a green and brown truck pulling up. A young man dressed in all green and brown camouflage stepped out.

“I’m over here!!” yelled Stewart.

The forest ranger said, “I saw your message, so what’s going on here?”

“Um, isn’t it obvious?” asked Stewart impatiently. “I’m stuck in this river!”

“I’m afraid that by myself, I will not be able to help you. But, I can get some of my friends to help me, if you could wait a few minutes,” said the forest ranger.

Forty-five minutes later, the ranger returned with a whole rescue team. One of the ranger carried a long rope. The guy with the rope walked over to the side of the river. He threw the rope to Stewart.

“Grab on,” he said. Stewart tried to swim closer to the rope. When he was just a few inches away, when the current sent him flying in the other direction. On his eight-hundred and fifty-seventh try, he reached the rope. The other forest grabbed the rope’s end, and pulled. They tugged, Stewart was just too heavy. Then the rangers got smart. They tied the rope to three different jeeps.

One got into each of the jeeps and started to move forward. Stewart felt himself being pulled out of the river. Stewart was so happy that when he got out, he started dancing around.

"Thank you so much for saving me ," he said.

"You're  very welcome," replied one of the Rangers. Then Stewart had a horrible thought. His car was still in the water!

"What about my car?" be asked.

"What about it?" Send one of the Rangers.

"Will you able will you be able to get out of the river?" asked Stewart.

"I'm sorry, but we can't do that," said a Ranger.

"I can help you pay for it," said another ranger.

"Pay for what?" Asked Stewart.

"Your new car," City Ranger.

Stewart couldn't believe that he had to get a new car. With $30 from each of the seven Rangers he headed to the car shop

The cars shop had a whole section of blue cars. He picked a $1000 blue and red Subaru. Stewart loved his new car. He had it for many years.



I like being a Brownie. I have never been camping. I want to go camping with Wren. I like eating the snacks and making the sit-upons. Wren, Eva and Wallace are my Brownie friends.  When we camp, we are going to roast marshmallows. I get to sleep with Wren when we go camping. We are going to camp on Saturday.