Friday, March 20, 2015

Update from Ms. Luriua

NO homework this week

Important Dates

3/23 - Spring break
3/30 - Turn in Run for the Arts forms
3/31 - Last day to turn in forms to receive a prize

5/6 - First day of our Artist in Residency program! (Thank for supporting Run for the Arts!)

Dear Families,

Happy Spring Break! It has been a very exciting week. As part of our IB unit on bridges, we read about different bridges in Portland. Students studied the Burnside bridge, and learned some geography related to Burnside street.

Then, we did a bridge testing challenge! Students were challenged to come up with the strongest bridge possible using one piece of paper. At first, many students were able to come up with bridges that would hold 20-30 pennies (rules - no glue, to attaching, but you can rip it, fold it, etc.).

Then . . . after some experimentation, students designed a bridge with one piece of paper that could hold 180 pennies! We have some future engineers in our classroom. That is a record that has not been beat in any of my classes.

We continue writing narratives and learning to use Google Drive. Please check out some of the writing on the blog. Students would love comments on their writing. If nothing else, please try to comment on your own children's writing. They love reading their comments in class and knowing that people are reading their writing!

You will notice that some students have more stories published on the blog. This has to do with how quickly students are able to write, revise, edit, type and then submit a final product! I am proud of everyone for their hard work. 

Have a wonderful Spring Break,


The police officers ate breakfast. Officer James ate toast with jelly on it. Officer Bob ate a pancake with syrup on it. Officer Ann poured milk into her cereal bowl. All of a sudden officer Bob hit the jug of juice with his elbow. The juice went all over officer Ann!!!!!!!!!!!! Officer Ann stood up and got in her car. She went home and got new clothes. Then she drove back to work and finished her breakfast.


The police officers ate breakfast. Officer James spread jam on his toast. Officer Bob cut his pancakes. Officer Ann poured milk in her cereal. All of  sudden officer Ann spilled milk on her clothes. Officer Ann went  home and change her clothes.


The officers ate breakfast. Officer James spread the jelly on his toast. Officer Bob cut his pancakes with syrup on it. Officer Ann poured  milk into her cereal. All of a sudden officer Ann spilled the milk on herself. So she ran to the bathroom and cleaned herself. Then when she came back officer James spilled the jelly on his new uniform. Officer Ann and officer James went home to put on something else. When they came back they were all cleaned up.


Mr. and Mrs. Iverson were a couple that were both 65 years old. They decided to go for a hike in the forest.  They ate breakfast and got ready. They finally after what seemed like 1 hour went for the hike.

They were walking in the forest. They heard a rustling it was the wind.  Then they saw an egg it was ENORMOUS it was as big as a big yoga ball. Mr. Iverson’s jaw dropped open.

Mrs. Iverson said, “What the chicken egg.”

They heard a noise they turned around and saw a very big bird.  Mr. Iverson fainted and fell back BONK 1 minute later he saw stars.

The Iverson’s tried to  grab the egg and roll it home. It was too heavy. Mrs. Iverson went home to get the truck. When she got back, they some how got the egg in the truck. They went home in the truck immediately. When they got home, they realized it was 11:00 pm. It had taken all day to get the egg into the truck. They decided to go to bed. At 3:00 am they heard a noise. They jumped out of bed (which is probably not what you should do when you're 65).

They went to the garage and saw the egg had cracked. It was a pterodactyl.  The Iversons saw their rake had been destroyed. They saw their garage was a mess.

Mr.Iverson said, ”What the world happened here?”  

Mrs. Iverson opened the big garage door and the pterodactyl flew away. Then they both went back to bed and got some more sleep. The next morning when they woke up the pterodactyl was circling the house. They decided to go look at what was the matter. Mrs. Iveson got Mr.Iverson up. They ran outside and saw a robber. The pterodactyl was protecting the Ivesons house. The Iversons wanted to “adopt” the pterodactyl, so they did.


One day, Mr. and Mrs. Iverson were taking a walk in the forest because they had to look for their lost dog Bee-Billie. He had been missing for two whole days! They kept walking and walking until Mr. Iverson saw something strange that made a rustling sound!

He said, ”What`s that?! It`s huge!”

Mrs. Iverson said, ”Let`s take it back to the house.” Mr. Iverson went really fast to get the car. They were going to take the egg back to their house. Finally, Mr. Iverson got back to the egg. They took it back to the house. That night, Mr. and Mrs. Iverson heard some strange noises coming from the garage.

Mr. Iverson yawned, ”What`s going on?” Then they both walked sleepily to the garage. When they got there, neither of them could believe their eyes! It was a giant reptile, a pterodactyl! Mrs. Iverson screamed and then fainted. Mr. Iverson poured a barrel of water on her. She woke up just in time to see the strange reptile (that they thought was extinct!) fully hatch!

Mr. Iverson said, ”Oh, what a beautiful sight!”

Mrs. Iverson said, ”Aaaaaaaaaaah!!!”

Mr. Iverson walked over to the garage door and pressed the button that opened the garage door. Very suddenly, the giant beast jumped out of the garage and started to fly up into the night sky.


Mr. and Ms.Iverson were going on a walk after dinner. They were walking in the forest near their house. It was a very sunny day, not a day to watch TV.

Mr.Iverson said, ”Why don’t we ever find something unusual these days while we are walking?”

Mrs.Iverson said, ”I don’t know why we never find things unusual these days.”

Mr.Iverson said, “I wonder if we’ll find something unusual?” I guess today was their lucky day. Guess what they found.

“Hey look Mr.Iverson it’s an egg.” The egg was about as big as a tire. It was green with big spots all over it. The egg was behind a tree, sort of hidden.
Mrs.Iverson said, “What, this can’t be true!!!” They kept on yacking about the egg and decided to take it home.

She said, “How about we get the old pick-up truck from when we were kids.”

Mrs.Iverson said, “Well just go get it.”

Mr.Iverson went on a trip to the garage to get old Mary Jane, the pick-up truck.

He went on singing, “ Oh Mary Jane, Mary Jane little old Mary Jane.” Oh there you are, I missed you Mary, my truck.” Mr.Iverson hopped into the front seat of Mary and opened the garage door. He went zooming, (at least that’s what it felt like), out of the garage ar 2 miles per hour. (Yeah I know, slow right.)

As soon as Mr.Iverson got to Mrs.Iverson it was 9:00.
Mrs.Iverson said in anger, “ Where were you!”

Mr.Iverson said, “I - I was starting the engine.”

Mrs.Iverson said, “Oh, I guess I can believe that, she is getting old.”

Mr.Iverson said, “Yes finally you said she!!!”

Mrs.Iverson said, “Ok let’s get back on track, (the egg).”

Mr.Iverson said in an excited way, “Yes!” Mr.Iverson said, “I’ll pick it up.” Mr. Iverson picked up the egg. It was really heavy, as heavy as an elephants foot. As soon as Mr.Iverson put the egg in the backseat, he went in too. Mrs.Iverson got into the front seat and started to drive.

A couple of minutes, okay hours later they arrived at the garage door. Mrs.Iverson stopped the car and got out to push the garage door opener. Mrs.Iverson yelled, “WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD!!!!”
Mr.Iverson woke up and said, “WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!”

Mrs.Iverson said, “Nothing you sleepy head.”  He woke up and got out of the back (or the trunk). Mr.Iverson and Mrs.Iverson headed towards the door that opened into the house.

They heard a loud crack that sounded like, “crick crack crick crack.” They turned around and looked at the same exact time. They made a swoosh sound because their heads turned so fast. They saw something really really really unusual that they all thought was extinct.

It was a dinosaur!!!!!! The dinosaur was about as big as a Great Dane. It had yellow wings.

Mrs.Iverson screamed ( I didn’t tell you that Mrs.Iverson was the scaredy cat in her family). The dinosaur tried to fly. It was just a new born. It knocked over the paint and spilled it on top of their pick up truck. They it flew over to the gardening supplies and crashed into a rake.
Mr.Iverson ran to the garage opener and opened it. The dinosaur opened it’s slimy new wings again and flapped to get the goop off. The dinosaur started to flap more and lifted off the ground. It flew towards the open garage door and then it flew as fast as it could to get out of sight.

“Well, I never knew we were going to find something really rare,” said Mrs. Iverson.

“I guess we were wrong about never finding anything unusual,” replied Mr. Iverson. They walked to their bedroom and fell asleep, dreaming about having the dinosaur as a new pet.